Phrase Sync for Bitbucket

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Software localization built for developers: Easily connect your localization projects in Phrase with your Bitbucket repositories

Connect Phrase Strings and Bitbucket

Easily set up and upload configuration files to Bitbucket. Import locale files and translate the selected branch into any language. Phrase makes synchronizing localization projects with your repositories a seamless task.

Launch digital products in new markets

Launch digital products globally with seamless import and export of language files, a versatile API, dedicated CLI tool, support for over 40+ file formats, branching functionalities in Phrase, and a whole lot more!

Increase productivity

Centralize your software copy in Phrase Strings so that developers, designers, product managers, and translators can work efficiently from start to finish.

More details

Phrase is transforming language technology to help open the door to global business—so you can reach more people, make deeper connections, and drive growth.

The Phrase Localization Suite offers the broadest spectrum of supported translation workflows in the industry, with 50+ integrations and 50+ supported file formats.

Phrase Strings is a software localization tool built for developers. Easily connect your Bitbucket repositories with Phrase Strings, and import and export language files faster than ever.

Phrase TMS

Working with file based workflows? Your team will benefit from the most innovative linguistic features.

  • Unify translation work in Phrase TMS and enhance translation quality. No need to maintain linguistic resources across two platforms!
  • Ensure consistency across your projects with Translation Memory, Term Bases, and 20+ automated quality checks.
  • Reduce translation costs with AI and MT. Target post-editing efforts where they are most needed thanks to MT quality scores.

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