Pangolin - TestRail Integration App

for Bamboo Server 6.2.2 - 7.2.10 and more
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Pangolin for Bamboo enables developers, QA engineers to automatically integrate build test results with TestRail

#1 Modern TestRail Integration Platform

Find out why 200+ companies are using our tools to achieve CICD and improve DevOps. Pangolin is our latest solution for DevOps. Pangonlin has powerful and flexible platform allowing for both simple and complex TestR

Automatically create milestones, tests, sections

Pangolin plugin for Bamboo allows engineers to configure Bamboo plans and integrate them with TestRail projects with simple configuration changes. Pangolin processes test results in Bamboo and sends them to TestRail.

Support for TestNG, JUnit, NUnit, Cucumber, etc

Implement proper test case visibility by uploading all test results into a single place - TestRail. Pangolin Bamboo add-on can automatically process and upload a variety of test reporting schema from Bamboo to TestRail.

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# Find out why 200+ customers trust Agiletestware with CICD/DevOps use cases.Pangolin is a Bamboo add-on that enables developers, testers, and release engineers to automatically publish testing results from a variety of development and test frameworks into TestRail. Companies use Pangolin to consolidate test results (manual and automated) into TestRail. Compatible with all versions and platforms for Bamboo (Linux, Windows, OSX)Compatible with all versions of TestRail (cloud, on-prem)Support for TestRail testcase custom fieldsOpen REST API for creating customized CICD workflows with TestRailAutomatically uploads Selenium test framework results into TestRailAutomatically uploads Appium test framework results into TestRailAutomatically uploads Robotium test framework results into TestRailCompatible with a variety of test frameworks - JUnit, NUnit, Cucumber, Pytest, CppUnit, Ruby, x-unit, and even custom test reports.

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