Agile Backlog Tools for Jira

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 8.0.1 - 8.25.2 and more
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Quickly and easily refine your Product Backlog in one spot using industry best practice, built for Agile and Scrum teams

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Backlog Refinement, made easy

Easily find all of your stale, large, unestimated, unscheduled and poorly defined issues, so you can effectively run your product backlog grooming and sprint planning sessions.

“Tabs be gone!” Edit your issues in one place

With inline editing, you don’t have to move between multiple screens. Make changes directly to your issues in your backlog and they’ll be instantly updated. A win for the product owner and the team.

Give your Backlog a spring clean

Archive issues that have gone stale. This will keep your Backlog relevant without having to delete things you might come back to.

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AxisAgile Apps, part of the AxisAgile family, is the market-leading provider of Agile certification training in the Australasia region, having trained over 11,000 certified practitioners from over 1,500 companies, government agencies, and tertiary institutions. This has included the likes of Citibank, eBay and even Atlassian. AxisAgile was founded by globally acclaimed Certified Scrum Trainers (from the Scrum Alliance) as well as international published authors, so when it comes to connecting the correct Agile processes with the most effective toolset, you are in very safe hands. Agile Backlog Tools enables your Scrum and Agile teams to quickly and easily manage their Product Backlog in one spot, including:

  • Pinpointing unestimated, unscheduled and poorly defined issues.
  • Identifying and archiving stale issues in your Product Backlog.
  • Editing your issues inline.
  • Viewing a current snapshot as well as progress being made in your Product Backlog.

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