User Management by Project Administrator

for Jira Server 9.13.1 - 9.15.2 and more
  • Jira Service Management

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Delegate the administration of jurisdiction (delegated group management) to trusted and powered users

Group Delegations

With Group Delegations, you can define for some groups and projects, which users are allowed to benefit from delegations in managing Group's Membership, or showing members of Delegated Groups.

User Creation delegated

With the CREATE USER Permission, you can allow some user to Create User from Project Administation

Project Roles Management from Excel

With the a dedicated Excel workbook, you can allow the preparation of massive update in jurisdiction :

- User Creation

- Project Roles for Users and Groups

- Groups for Users and Groups

More details

User Management for Project Manager provides a set usefull features:

  • the delegation of Group Membership management to predefined users, based on an advanced configuration,
  • the delegation of the User Creation with or without Application access, and the ability to define a Group at Project Level as a default group, when user is created,
  • the delegation of Project Role management through an Excel Sheet.

Privacy and security

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