Netsparker Enterprise App

for Bamboo Server 7.1.1 - 9.1.3 and more
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Initiates Netsparker Enterprise Scan

Global Settings

Admin user defines the API settings only once.

Scan Task

Once you define global API settings, the plugin retrieves available scan settings such as scannable website list and scan profile names. You can easily select relevant settings.

Scan Report

Once your initiated scan is completed, you can easily see your executive scan report on the build result window.

More details

Netsparker Enterprise is a scalable multi-user online web application security scanning solution with built-in workflow tools. It has built-in enterprise workflow tools and is specifically designed to help enterprises scan and manage the security of 100s and 1000s of websites.

We developed the Bamboo plugin to help you complete the Netsparker Enterprise-assisted SDLC. Using our plugin, users with Administration permissions can now initiate test scans, which are run using the Netsparker Enterprise API in the continuous integration build.

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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