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User Anonymizer for Jira (GDPR)

for Jira Server 8.4.0 - 9.3.1 and more
  • Jira Service Management

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Anonymize user data across Jira to comply with the GDPR’s (DSGVO) "Right to be Forgotten" with ease

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Powerful User Anonymizer

The best solution for anonymizing user data across Jira: Instantly searches issues, and more for the specified user(s) and anonymizes personal data. Lets you use JQL queries to customize for issue types, projects, etc.

Built-In Automation and Reporting

Tired of repeating the same tasks over and over? Here’s the solution: this app lets you schedule and automate the anonymization of issues and tickets. You can easily export anonymization reports to ease GDPR compliance.

Safe & Traceless Operation

The Sandbox Mode lets you safely preview your anonymization settings. When you're ready, the app silently and permanently anonymizes the user(s) without updating activity logs or notifying watchers.

More details

This simple, yet powerful app gives you a safe way to anonymize user data across Jira. Now, you can easily comply with the GDPR's “Right to be forgotten”, without having to delete issues, projects, or other valuable information.

Your benefits:

  • Instantly anonymize user data across Jira issues, comments, custom fields, and more
  • Powerful customization options enable you to anonymize user data based on specific issue types, projects, timeframes, etc., using simple JQL queries
  • Automation option enables you to schedule and automate recurring tasks
  • Built-in reporting functionality sends a complete report of completed anonymization tasks to ease GDPR compliance
  • Traceless operation ensures that issues are silently anonymized without updating activity logs or sending notifications to watchers
  • Sandbox Mode allows you to safely preview changes and check your configuration before permanently anonymizing user data

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Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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Automation option enables you to schedule and automate recurring tasks, such as anonymizing all issues older than two years.

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