Event Notifier

for Bitbucket Server 8.0.0 - 8.18.0 and more
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Event Notifier - Email notifications for Bitbucket

Easy and flexible notification configuration

Subscribe to different types of events in Bitbucket repositories in all or selected branches. You will receive an email notification after any of preconfigured event happened.

Overview all your subscriptions in one place

You can easily overview all notifications settings for all repositories your subscribed to.

Powerful administration page

Detailed overview of all created subscriptions for all users within Bitbucket Server. As administrator you update or delete notification settings for any user in the system.

More details

Event Notifier allows to watch different events (new branch/tag is created, change is pushed, pull request is created/merge) in repositories in all or specific branches. In case of any configured event happens you are informed via email.

The following events can be watched:

  • Branch or tag creation
  • Commit pushed to a repository
  • Pull request is created or merged

Privacy and security

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