Purge Versions for Confluence

for Confluence Server 5.7 - 8.8.0, Confluence Data Center 5.7 - 8.8.0 and more
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Purge or remove or delete old page and attachment versions by retaining last few, either automatically or on-demand

Alerts Notification

Alerts Notification on reaching page version thresholds.

Space versions purge

On Demand / Automatic Space page, blog-post and attachments versions purge (Including Trash).

Page versions purge

On Demand Page and attachments versions purge.

More details

Confluence tracks the history of changes to each page or attachment by creating a new version of the page or attachment each time it's modified. Over the time version history might go beyond than expected due to changes by users. You can purge page versions by keeping last few versions using this plugin either automatically or on-demand basis.

Use Case:

  • Help to keep Confluence database compact minimal migration efforts and down time by purging older versions (e.g. older than 3 months) and keeping minimum number of latest versions.
  • Helps alert notifications for the last modified page author that, page has exceeded version history and steps to purge. We can accomplish letting content owners clean the history.

Documentation Link

  • Below simple light weight plugin might help you to avoid page versions for the updates through API automation:
  • OWASP Security Verified.

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