SAFe EPIC to Feature Translator for Jira

for Jira Server 9.0.0 - 9.12.11, Jira Data Center 9.0.0 - 9.12.11 and more
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Complete your transformations by translating native Jira naming (“EPIC”) into the terminology used in SAFe

Smart translation

Epic to Feature app saves Jira Admin's time translating "Epics" across Jira and taking care even of such things as articles and messages. You only specify the word to translate to, and the app will take care of it.

Customization to meet your needs

You can customize the app to any terminology you want to use in your Scaled Agile Framework. Once you set it, the app applies it across the instance so you don't need to worry inconsistent naming.

Easy configuration and upgrades

With most of the work being done under the hood, you can install the SAFe app and get started in minutes, no confusing setups.

More details

SAFe EPIC to Feature Translator for Jira is a translation app helping companies complete the Scaled Agile Framework transformations by translating native Jira naming ("epic") into terminology used in SAFe methodology ("feature"). The app is also flexible and customizable, so you can translate epics into other terms adopted in your company for the Scaled Agile.

We care about your comfort working in Jira - the app is essentially a translation bundle and does not interfere with Jira core and thus - doesn't break anything.

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