Exact Match Boost

for Confluence Server 5.8.2 - 7.20.3 and more

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boost your exact matches further up in the search results

Boosting exact matches

Exact matches (here content which contains the word usability) appear further up in your search results.

Overcome the "stop word problem"

Just replace the double quotes be single quotes and overcome the "stop word problem".


Configure the boosting factor and whether to scan attachment content.

More details

Exact Match Boost is very simple plug-in which boosts your exact matches further up in the search results and therefore addresses parts of the Confluence issue 14910.

  • When you search for usability those results will be first, not results which contain use, using etc.
  • Did you ever try an exact phrase search like "drum and bass"? You probably haven't been successful. Now you can search for 'drum and bass' and get exact match results boosted up (please note the single quotes rather than double quotes).

The plug-in slightly slows down the search speed. However the impact is such that most users will never notice.

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