Crowdin localization management platform

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Localization tool for developers like you. Build software with Bitbucket and make it accessible worldwide with Crowdin

Integrate Bitbucket and Crowdin

Swiftly translate master and other branches of your choice. Source strings are constantly synced with Crowdin, so translators work with the latest texts. Translations are synced with your repository as pull requests.

Easy control over your localization project

Simply add new languages, invite your translation team or order translations from the suggested vendors. View real-time translation progress, make estimates, and manage translation resources.

Productive online translation editor

Provide translators with a productive workspace. Here they can make, discuss, and review translations. Assign Translation Memories and connect Machine Translation engines to speed up the translation process.

More details

Crowdin is a web-based localization management platform that integrates with your Bitbucket repository.

With this integration, you can set up continuous localization process. So you can focus on writing code in Bitbucket, while new text strings in selected branches are synced with your project in Crowdin ready to be translated.

Key benefits:

  • Save time on manual tasks: source strings and translations are synced automatically, so there's no need for back-and-forth file exchange with translators
  • Control the whole translation process in Crowdin: invite translators, manage user access, see a list of top contributors, create tasks, generate translation progress reports.
  • Provide an efficient translation environment for your translators: they can make translations, upvote/downvote them, and approve the final ones in the online translation Editor within Crowdin. The Editor is accessible from any device: desktop, mobile, or tablet.

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