Blueprint Creator - Advanced Templates: Pages, Blog & Spaces

for Confluence Server 7.18.0 - 8.9.3, Confluence Data Center 7.18.0 - 8.9.3 and more
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Blueprints for blogposts, pages & spaces with pre-defined content & forms you can design. Top 5 best rated app for Confluence

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Blueprints for Confluence Spaces

Set up new spaces with minimal effort. Space Blueprints allow you to create new spaces in Confluence with pre-defined page structures and content. Define placeholders and individual permission schemes for your users.

Blueprints for Confluence Pages and Blog Posts

Page Blueprints give you an easy way to create new pages and blog posts based on pre-defined content. Bring more structure to your Confluence pages by adding placeholders that act as form fields for your users!

Blueprints for Page Trees

Add placeholders that act as form fields users have to fill in first. You can customize your blueprints to create whole sets of pages at once - without any coding necessary.

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Create custom blueprints spaces, pages or blog posts. Instead of using time-consuming workarounds such as copying and then editing content manually, users will be prompted a seamlessly integrated form that captures all information you require. You can provide multiple custom fields of different types (e.g. select, user mention, date fields, etc.) that are displayed neatly in a custom data entry form.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Templates for Confluence without writing a line of code
  • Blueprints for spaces, pages and blog posts in Confluence
  • Collect data with placeholders and create form fields for your users to fill out


  • Prefix for standardized page titles: Make your page titles uniformly structured by adding custom prefixes.
  • Multiple permission schemes for spaces: Assign individual permission schemes to spaces.
  • Consistent metadata: Automatically set labels to pages and blog posts.
  • Multi-space page Blueprints: Limit global blueprints to specific space categories.

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Each information entered will be added to a pre-defined place on the page. For Space Blueprints placeholders can be reused on multiple pages.

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