Enhanced User Macro Editor

for Confluence Server 5.7 - 7.12.5 and more

We no longer offer sales and support for server apps. You can stay connected by exploring the migration options to either the cloud or Data Center version of this app.

A better user macro editing experience

User Macro History

Enable user macro save history so that you can see previous versions.

A Better Code Editor

A much friendly code editor using a mono-spaced font and code highlighting.

Keep Your User Macros Safe

No more accidentally deleting your user macros.

More details

Added Features:

  • Copies the "Create a User Macro" link to the top of the list page ... no more scrolling
  • Delete user macro confirmation on the list page
  • Template box changed to a source code editor with (Ace editor):
    • mono-spaced font
    • line numbers
    • syntax highlighting
    • find and replace
    • code folding
    • column select
  • Confirmation on cancelling edits of the user macro if the template has been changed
  • Asynchronous user macro saves (meaning it won't kick you back to the user macro list page or refresh the editor page when you hit save)
  • Hotkey for saving user macros (ctrl+s)
  • User macro change history
  • It will do your dishes and laundry ... ok, not quite yet

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

Atlassian's privacy policy is not applicable to the use of this app. Please refer to the privacy policy provided by this app's partner.

Partner privacy policy



You are prompted about unsaved changes to user macros before closing the user macro editor.