Bulk labels manager for confluence

for Confluence Server 5.7 - 8.6.2 and more
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bulk, labels, search, replace, delete, merge

Admin section

Let's say, you have many pages in the space, with a label you want to rename or delete from all of them.

You can do that manually, or use this plugin.

For that, go to space admin section, and select Bulk labels manager

Define what to replace or delete

In the textbox, write the labels to be replaced by the label you enter in the last text box. Replace only, or replace and delete old label.

In space, labels in pages are changed

All labels entered in first textbox, will be replaced by the one entered in the last textbox, in all pages of the space

More details

This plugin, will help you to add, rename, merge, detach, or delete all labels in a space, equal or containing one of defined words. You can add a new label to all pages having another label.

Search different labels in multiple pages, and replace them with new label.

Two ways of searching : Search using exact syntax or search all labels containing one of entered words.

Remove labels : Using the same search mecanism, remove labels from multiple pages.

Add a label to pages, containing one of entered words.

For more details and screenshots, just click documentation link on the right side.

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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You can detach defined labels from the space. Or delete them : affect other spaces.