Ovyka Security Filter for Jira

by Ovyka
for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 8.19.1
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Detect and auto remove bank account/card numbers (PAN codes) from your JIRA issues

Filters out sensitive data

PAN numbers are automatically filtered out from inputs, either manual, incoming mails (if configured) and attached files. They will never reach your database, keeping you in line with security/regulations ruies.

Allows you to secure incoming mails

We provided a mail handler replacement for any mail handler you configured (even if you're using JETI add-on), to allow filtering and securing also mails received by your Jira instance.

Traces warnings in log file

Each time the plugin filters out a sensitive piece of data, a warning message is displayed in the log file, with the name of the user having added this data, when available (ie. user is authenticated).

More details

With Ovyka Security filter for Jira, detect and auto remove bank account/card numbers (PAN codes) from your Jira issues.

  • Replace problematic occurrences of confidential information with stars
  • Acts before data is saved to your Jira, meaning the compromising data isn't shown in any history/logs in Jira or otherwise, it's simply erased
  • More types of filters & more features to come - feel free to contact Ovyka with your needs and suggestions

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