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#1 Project Time Tracking Solution for Jira. Trusted by thousands of companies across 70+ countries for their time tracking needs

Seamless sync of project and ticket data

Automatically push any new project or issue created in Jira as a project and task to Replicon. Keep the project status updated in Replicon. Mark closed issues as complete tasks in Replicon.

Simplified time tracking platform

Replicon’s Time tracking platform makes time management, project tracking, resource allocation and approvals very easy. Account for 100% of time spent on all tickets and issues.

Advanced analytics

Get a deep understanding of resource productivity, service-levels and costing information from Replicon. Leverage this critical information and manage KPIs in real-time.

More details

Replicon’s Jira integration allows you to easily transfer employees, issues, and projects between Replicon and Jira. This integration supports:

  • Transfer of users from Replicon to Jira, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry
  • Transfer of projects and issues from Jira to Replicon, so you can use Replicon to plan work, track progress, and bill clients

The process for transferring projects and issues is as follows:

1. Managers create projects and issues in Jira.

2. When created, projects are automatically transferred to Replicon as projects.

3. Issues are transferred to Replicon as tasks belonging to the transferred issue’s parent project.

4. In Replicon, the project manager plans the project, which includes adding project teams and billing rates.

5. Replicon users enter time and expenses against the project.

6. The project manager reports on the project’s progress and bills the clients based on time and expenses recorded.

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