Two-Factor Authentication/2FA for Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 6.6.0 - 9.2.5 and more
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2FA login for Bamboo - on-premise or cloud. Simplicity and security combined for the best user experience and data protection

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Simple Touch 2FA / MFA for mobile and desktop apps

The strongest 2FA with a customizable login:

- Mobile 2FA (iOS / Android)

- Biometric login (FaceID and fingerprint)

- Desktop Apps (OSX / Windows 10)

- Mail 2FA

- TOTP (integration with Google, Authy or other 2FA apps)

Powerful Features

- 2FA activation that fits your setup and requirements

- 2FA limited to specific groups

- Customizations for your Login Page

- Location based 2FA configuration

- SSO Support

- Crowd or internal user management available

2FA on-premise or in the cloud for any Setup

For cloud and self-managed JIRA, with 2FA based on-premise or the cloud: it fits your setup, no matter how complex.

2FA in the cloud for an easy setup, or go on-premise for full control.


More details

Download the app (Apple Appstore or Google Playstore) and create a SecSign ID.

You can try the plugin and apps for free. More information about the Bamboo plugin is available here.

Strongest Protection:

Advanced elliptic curve PKI cryptography. Authentication protected by Challenge Response Authentication with 2048 bit key pairs (SafeKey Procedure) or elliptic curves (in TEE enclave). No passwords or complex codes required.

Protect all access points:

We offer 2FA plugins for most Atlassian services and for literally any other access point as well, including SAML and OAuth solutions. An overview about our extensive list of plugins is available here

Shared User Directory:

Plugins for using the internal Directory, Crowd or Active Directory to manage your users.

Selective 2FA requirements:

Activate 2FA for user groups or limit 2FA to users outside a DMZ

More Information

  • For more information about PKI security and on how to use SecSign ID, please visit our user guide or at
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    Simply download the plugin, assign the SecSign ID to a user and securely authenticate with the next login. Or use one of our convenient bulk enrollment options to enroll all your users at once.