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    The complete risk management workflow for JIRA

    The complete risk management workflow for JIRA

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    This risk management workflow provides statuses for all activities of the ISO 31000 Standard:

    • IDENTIFIED: Identified the risk sources, categories, events and consequences of the organization/project/activity under risk management.
    • IN ANALYSIS: Involves the consideration of the causes and sources of risk, their positive and negative consequences, and the likelihood that those consequences can occur.
    • ANALYZED: Information provided for risk evaluation.
    • IN EVALUATION: Deciding whether risks need to be treated, which risk choices must be made and what are the different types and levels of risk of each option.
    • EVALUATED: Made decisions based on the outcomes of risk analysis, about which risks need treatment and the priority for treatment implementation.
    • IN TREATMENT: Involves selecting one or more options for modifying risks, and implementing those options.
    • TREATED: Defined the treatment plan.
    • MONITORING: Involves regular checking or surveillance. It can be periodic or ad hoc.

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    Version 1.0 Jira Server 7.1.0 - 7.7.4 Released 2018-02-16


    The Complete Risk Workflow


    Initial version of the workflow for risk management providing statuses corresponding to all activities of the ISO 31000 Standard, including in-progress statuses.


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