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Improve code quality by using Code Owners for auto-assigned PR reviewers and enforced code reviews

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Smarter auto-assignment of reviewers

Easily define your rules to add Code Owners as reviewers of new Pull Requests. Leverage on features such as user groups support 👥, random selection of subsets of Code Owners as reviewers 🎲 and draft PRs ✍️

Prevent merges without reviews by Code Owners

Offers merge checks based on pull request approvals by Code Owners. Configure minimal required approvals defined for all Code Owners of a PR, or for each group separately, like e.g. tech leads or experts in a language.

🆕 Speed up your PR lifecycle with Auto-Merge

Feel like your queue of Pull Requests is ever-increasing? Focus on Pull Requests that actually need a review and ship faster those that don't with Auto-Merging PRs.

More details

Pull Requests (PRs) are valuable to share know-how and prevent bugs in successful projects. But finding the right reviewers can be a hassle without Code Owners, engineers who:

  • are experts in a specific code area
  • can give valuable feedback to other team members

With this app, you can:

  • configure which Bitbucket reviewer groups or individual developers are Code Owners for each code part (supports monorepos)
  • enforce approvals by Code Owners (opt-in)
  • 🆕 automatically merge PRs satisfying merge checks (opt-in)
  • 🆕 embrace the Ship/Show/Ask PR workflow to increase overall productivity 🚀 (opt-in). SHIP risk free changes faster, SHOW interesting changes to your peers, and ASK for constructive feedback whenever necessary. Check our Ship/Show/Ask documentation.

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Embrace the Ship/Show/Ask PR workflow to increase overall productivity 🚀 (opt-in). Ship risk free changes faster, Show interesting changes to your peers, and Ask for constructive feedback whenever necessary.