Code Owners for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Server 6.0.0 - 7.17.0, Bitbucket Data Center 6.0.0 - 7.17.0 and more
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Improve your pull requests by auto-assigning reviewers and enforce reviews with Code Owners based merge checks

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Adds relevant reviewers automatically

Adds Code Owners as reviewers to new pull requests, but still gives the author flexibility to adapt, e.g. for work-in-progress pull requests. Use Code Owners groups for easier maintenance.

Prevent merges without reviews by Code Owners

Merge checks based on pull request approvals by Code Owners. Minimal required approvals defined for all Code Owners of a PR, or for each Code Owners group separately. Prevent unwanted changes in CODEOWNERS file.

Simple, versioned, rule based config in plain text

To assign Code Owners for a specific code area, put a file called CODEOWNERS in your repository with file patterns similar to .gitignore. And for monorepos, it supports multiple CODEOWNERS files within subdirectories.

More details

Code reviews are valuable to share know-how and prevent bugs in successful projects. But finding the right reviewers can be a hassle without Code Owners, engineers who:

  • are experts in a specific code area
  • can give valuable feedback to other team members
  • are interested that the code quality stays great

This app allows to:

  • configure which groups or devs are Code Owners for each code area
  • automatically assign reviewers based on Code Owners
  • enforce approvals by Code Owners (Optional)

Simple, file-based, and low-maintenance configuration:

  • CODEOWNERS file with pattern matching based on file names, similar to .gitignore
  • ready to be versioned, eg. for auditing

Example: All React.js components should be reviewed by the team "ReactGurus":

/src/components/**/*.js @@ReactGurus

Check getting started guide for more information or schedule a live demo with us!

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The app offers separate merge checks for code owners. Here you can see how to configure them.