Maintenance Mode for Jira (the Original)

by Accxia
for Jira Server 7.6.1 - 9.16.1, Jira Data Center 7.6.1 - 9.17.1 and more
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'Maintenance Mode for Jira' - Backend based, control and prevent user access during Changes or Upgrades to your Jira Instance

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Maintenance Mode - User Announcement

Users accessing your Jira instance while maintenance are served with a nice sorry page. Or they are redirected to anywhere else.

Login Prompt Controls Access To Maintenance Mode

Admins and users belonging to eligible groups have access during Maintenance Mode through this login screen.

Configuration Options

Configure what groups of users in addition to admins can access Jira in Maintenance Mode. Choose an external page or write a message for display to end users. Also control the start & end of maintenance period from here.

More details

Maintenance Mode for Jira allows admins to easily switch JIRA into a Maintenance Mode.

This can be achieved from within Jira meaning that Jira admins don't need to reconfigure or restart Jira or modify web server settings to control access to Jira.

Features in Maintenance Mode for Jira allow admins to;

  • inform users of Jira unavailability
  • control access to the system for selected groups of users
  • have control over emails sent and received by Jira
  • and protect against Jira API related calls accessing Jira
  • automatically disable and reenable email

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There is another App with same name and logo in the Marketplace. Only our original App is backend controlled and offers the full feature set.

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