Skills-Radar for Jira

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 8.5.0 - 9.8.2 and more
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Optimize your personnel development (HR) as well as team compositions: from skills over profiles to personality types information

Determine skills for comparing with profile(s)

Identifying gaps with respect to personnel development, supporting succession planning, improving transparency of employees' skills and better staffing of your project: Skills-Radar will help you in your daily business.

Edit skills based on the associated profile

You can choose a certain reference profile out of the list of all available profiles for this issue type and project, or you can automatically determine the best fitting profile in real-time.

"Assign by skills" for issues

Click on "assign by skill" to get a sorted list of all assignable users ordered by best matching skills with regard to the specified minimum required skills of that issue. The top 5 are visualized on a skills radar.

More details

Using Skills-Radars you can easily monitor personnel development over the time: increasing skill sets and/or proficiencies can automatically determine the best matching job profile in order to help job promotions. Although someone may be started a career as a developer, after quite some time she/he is better positioned in another project role: the best fitting algorithm help to optimize placements based on the specified roles/profiles.

Additionally, a personality test base on C.G. Jung and Myer & Briggs is also included for finding suitable personality indicators of each user.

How will this help your business?

  • Determine personalities types via integrated MBTI-questionary
  • Identifying gaps with respect to human resource development
  • Supporting succession planning
  • Improving transparency of employees' capabilities
  • Better staffing of your projects: "assign by skills"
  • Improve your choice of team members using "select by skills" for multi-user picker customfields
  • Optimize recruitment processes

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Visualize your type of personality, for example determined by "16personalities" or by other approaches depending on your preferences.