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    Jira Service Management
    This app is compatible with Jira Service Management.
    Jira Service Management
    This app is compatible with Jira Service Management.
    Jira Service Management
    This app is compatible with Jira Service Management.

    Your branded sites populated with Jira and Jira Service Management content

    Your branded sites populated with Jira and Jira Service Management content

    Your branded sites populated with Jira and Jira Service Management content

    Build themed sites with Jira content

    Organize Jira content into sites and pages

    Quick access to Jira, JSM and Confluence content

    Create customer facing sites with a custom domain, theme and engaging layout. Build support and issue tracking sites with Service Desk and Jira project content as well links and helpful content. No coding needed.

    Organize service desks and Jira projects into sites and page homes. Access Jira and JSM content from a top navigation menu and access sites via your own custom url. Tailor each site and page home to your users.

    Refined is a SaaS product running on refined.site. Using Refined, your sites can be populated with select content from Jira Service Management and Jira as well as Confluence if you have Refined for Confluence.

    More details

    Get started video | Migration guide | FAQs | Demo site

    Use Refined to create your branded sites populated with Jira and Jira Service Management content. Customize each site by adding a custom domain, themes, layouts, Jira project and/or service desk content and quick links to helpful content.

    • Easily theme each site with the inbuilt theme editor. Add content to each page with the inbuilt layout editor. No coding needed.
    • Organize your Jira Service Management and Jira projects into page homes that sit in a top navigation menu.
    • If you also have Refined for Confluence Cloud you can add Confluence content to search results and page homes, directly accessible from the top navigation menu.
    • Build up your pages with useful content using the simple layout editor.
    • Add a custom domain to each site (subject to the domain your organisation owns).
    • Create as many sites as you wish. E.g., A project collaboration site, an HR site, an onboarding site, a Service site, all in one Refined instance.

    Reviews for cloud

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    by Diego Llarrull on 2021-04-20
    It used to be awesome but it got completely broken with the new issue view in JIRA Cloud (which really sucks). Now fields are all messed up in refined. Guess they are not to blame, but it's surprising that they haven't yet caught up with a feature that Atlassian has been pushing for the past year or more.
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    Hi Diego,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review.

    Is it possible for you to create a support request with our team over at support.refined.com, with more details on the problems you are facing with the Jira Issue View in Refined?

    Our team are working on some fixes/improvements in this area, but it would be useful to know more specifics of what fields are not working as expected in your case.

    Best regards, Raj Sehmi

    by Marcel van den Bos on 2021-03-16
    This product has great promise but lacks in some pivotal area's. We want to create a Refined Support site for our JSM project. Our JSM project has a connected KB. So the idea is to bring the KB articles more to the surface of our support site by, for instance having direct links to some KB articles from the menu. It's exactly what this product promises and on the surface it seems to work. However this way their own macro's on the KB articles don't work and links are redirected to the JSM portal presentation and not within the Refined site. A way to properly use Confluence pages in the Refined site needs the use of a separate Refined for Confluence Cloud plugin but that seems overkill for just wanting to use the KB articles in our Refined site, and it's quite expensive too. And probably does not solve the macro problem as well. For now we will keep working with them to find solutions.
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    Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for the feedback on this, and thanks as well for raising this as a support ticket over on our help center.

    As referenced to on your support request, the KB functionality in Refined is built on Atlassian APIs - this does mean that some of the functionality related to this is subject to limitations in the APIs themselves. We are in constant contact with Atlassian about this, with the hope to make the experience better going forward.

    What we do have more control over is the rendering of Confluence content added using Refined for Confluence Cloud - despite having to purchase another app to leverage the benefits of this, we hope the flexibility and functionality justifies the price.

    Let’s keep the thread going on the support request you have open with us, and once again thanks for the feedback!

    Best regards, Team Refined

    by Rebecca Mancini on 2020-11-27
    Good product but always having issues, I've never known a product to have so many outages. We use it for our service desk and it is highly frustrating.
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    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for your honest feedback. Last week we were a target of a DDoS attack. It took us some time to figure out what's going on and to apply extra measures to strengthen our infrastructure.

    We apologize the inconvenience and can understand your frustration. We are improving our incident management processes continuously and we want to be transparent to our customers. Our uptime is visible on our status page, status.refined.com. You can also subscribe to get updates on future incidents.

    Best regards, Team Refined

    by Maksym Lobenko on 2020-08-04
    Nice and easy to start. What I miss here is different styling for confluence tree view, buttons in topline and on a screens, links on a confluence pages as buttons.
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    Hi Maksym,

    Thanks for taking time to leave us a review, and for the feedback regarding our app!

    We are always interested to hear about ideas and suggestions from our customers on how we can improve our app and put out a better product, you are very welcome to reach out to us via our support portal over at support.refined.com and we'll see what we can do!

    Best regards, Raj Sehmi

    by Evan Greene on 2020-06-19
    This app provided one of the most sought after features for Jira Service Desk Cloud - the ability to set up a custom domain. In addition, it allowed creating a custom Service Desk Portal. Using various CSS and HTML, I was able to manipulate it to look similar to the original Jira JSD interface which I already enjoyed. I have a minor complaint about issue creation - the form is in a popup window instead of embedded on the form like vanilla JSD does it. I prefer that style and also the ability to pick the issue type in a drop down. One major flaw is that only logged in users can create issues in the Service Desk portal. Allowing anonymous submissions is available in JSD, but apparently the functionality is missing in the Jira Rest API and Apps can't submit anonymous tickets. Unfortunate deal breaker for me. This is documented in Refined's documentation. Other caveats: email notifications would not use the custom URL, because those emails are sent out by Jira and not the app. The customization of this app is great and so I've given it 3 stars, but not quite 4 because it can't solve the major the issues I was trying to solve with vanilla JSD.
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    Hi Evan,

    Thanks for your candid review!

    It’s always great to hear feedback regarding the product, both about things that you like, and those that could be improved, so do keep this coming. You’re welcome to reach out at any time via our helpcenter at support.refined.com if you come by any more suggestions/feature requests for us, and we’ll see what we can do!

    Best regards, Raj Sehmi

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    How does cloud app pricing work?

    Cloud apps are sold as a monthly or annual subscription. You are eligible for support and automatic version updates as long as your subscription is active.

    When your subscription renews each month, you are automatically billed for apps based on the number of users in your instance.

    If app pricing changes after your initial purchase, there's a 60-day grandfathering period during which you can renew based on the old pricing.

    How do I determine my cloud pricing?

    Apps are billed based on the number of users in your Atlassian product. Jira Cloud apps are priced based on the maximum users of the Jira products on your instance. For example, if you have Jira Software (50 users) and Jira Service Management (10 agents) on the same instance, you pay the 50-user price for apps.Note: While this app has features specific to Jira Service Management, the app is technically available across the whole Jira instance. Therefore the above guidelines for licensing across maximum users still apply.

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    Jira Cloud Released 2021-06-10


    Minor version update


    Minor version update


    1. Log into your Jira instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new apps or Find new add-ons screen loads.
    3. Locate Refined for Jira Cloud.
    4. Click Free trial to download and install your app.
    5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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