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for Confluence Server 5.8.2 - 7.10.2 and more
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The Page Quick Info add-on will display information about a given confluence page

The Page Quick Info add-on allows you to show information about a given page. This add-on allows user to view multiple information about a page such as page name, owner of the page etc. Optionally it will display the combination of following information about the page. Such as ,

1. Page Title – Title of the page when entered will give direct link to the page. This field also accepts @self and @parent (@self gets the information for the current page and @parent gets information of parent page of current page)

2. Page Creator – Owner of the page with direct link to the user profile of the page creator

3. Page Modifier – Last modifer of the page with direct link to the user profile of the last modified user

4. Date of page creation – Page created date or date&time

5. Date of page last modification – Page last modified date or date&time

6. Latest version - Displays the current version of the page

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Insert page to display the quick info.