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Visualize links and layout issues. Ideal for Program Boards, backlog prioritization and understanding complex projects or systems

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Explore your projects from any perspective

Explore projects that best suit your decision making. It can visualize issues from other Jira projects and be used for e.g. digital scrum boards, big-room planning with distributed teams or progress tracking.

Edit issues and links using drag and drop

Change issue values using drag and drop. Add, modify and delete links directly in the diagram. The changes are updated directly in Jira. This is extra valuable in planning sessions like e.g. backlog refinement planning.

Large-scale planning and monitoring made easy!

In large-scale projects, in frameworks like LESS and SAFe, you have to collect and integrate data from multiple Jira projects. Epics and Stories are assigned to different teams and releases. Dependency Map supports this!

More details

Dependency Map visualizes Jira links between issues. It is ideal for planning and follow-up of product development, since it can show the possible development order of features or stories and also shows information, such as status as colors and/or release versions and teams in horizontal or vertical swimlanes (e.g., Program Boards).

  • Create different views to show requirement break-down, blocking issues, and release planning of the same data. Automatic layout ensures updated views at any time.
  • Edit multiple types of links / dependencies right in the map.
  • Use your existing Jira filters to select issues for your maps.
  • Use Dependency Map for product development, company goal breakdown, understanding system relations of any kind of system, or to analyze workload, system quality, etc. Your imagination sets the limits!

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Visit Dependency Map release notes for more details.

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Integration Details

Dependency Map for Jira - link viewer integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Delete issue links.
  • View application roles.
  • View audit logs.
  • View system and custom avatars.


Example of a Program Board.