Comala Document Mgmt for Scroll Exporter

by K15tPlatinum Marketplace Partner
for Confluence Server 7.0.1 - 8.5.9, Confluence Data Center 7.0.1 - 8.8.1 and more
280 installs

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Version 1.2.1Confluence Server 7.0.1 - 8.5.9

Released: Sep 6th 2023


Confluence Data Center Approved & Read-Only Mode Compatible App Version


We are happy to announce the release of Comala Document Management for Scroll Exporters 1.2.1 which is a compatibility release for Confluence Data Center.

This is the first release of the app that is approved for Data Center and the update also introduces some performance improvements.

Additionally, this release fixes a bug that meant Confluence pages without a workflow were not exported when using label-filtering - see to learn more.