Diary - Team Journal for Confluence

for Confluence Server 7.15.0 - 7.20.3, Confluence Data Center 8.0.0 - 8.9.3 and more
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Quick note taking on Confluence pages. Great for journals, changelogs, collecting ideas and more

Create new entries using the in-page Diary editor

Just write down what’s important and don’t care about the rest. Diary will automatically keep track of user, date, and time for you.

Edit and delete entries without editing your page

You can work with each Diary entry as if it was a separate page. Easily link, edit and delete entries using Diary’s in-page editor.

Choose Diary styles, sorting, and display options

The Diary macro lets you choose how to order your entries, whether to display date and time, and what you Diary should look like.

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Diary for Confluence - Shifting from Free to Paid

Diary for Confluence is the fastest way to create and maintain notes in Confluence. Stay on top of things and use Diary to manage:

  • Meeting notes
  • Task lists
  • Change logs
  • Project histories (“Project Diary”)
  • Or any other kind of recurring or chronological content

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