Issue Events Mailer

for Jira Server 7.3.6 - 7.6.17
  • Jira Service Management

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Issue Events Mailer is an easy and flexible way to send email notifications based on Issue Events

No complex requirements

All you need to do as a prerequisite for having this Add-On working is to review your target workflow just to check if your target transitions are firing the Issue Events you'd like to listen to.

Easy setup

Easy setup. No complex code or configuration. Just know your target project, Issue types, Issue priorities and to whom you want to send the notifications, input the information and save. That's all.

Recieve responsive email notifications

Receive a summary of the event as an email message that is responsive and supported by the majority of email clients.

More details

Issue Events Mailer is an easy way to add extra power to JIRA's notification system. This Add-On will enable you to send email notifications every time an Issue Event is fired.

Current version supports:

  • Easy setup via Admin UI interface.
  • Define which projects, issue types, priorities should be considered.

Support includes:

  • Response within 48 hours
  • Bug fixes ASAP.
  • New releases.

General idea

A common use case where you might want to use Issue Events Mailer is the one where you need to notify a particular group of people, not necessarily JIRA users, about events that happen to just a particular set of issue types and priorities. For instance, notifications for Incidents that were defined as Blocker or Critical.

Issue Events Mailer was created to perform just this task, so it's very easy to setup - as it doesn't require any technical or coding skills, creating a much better experience for the person that is installing and administering it.

Privacy and security

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