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Description Templates for Jira Cloud

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Step 1.- Install the Addon in Chrome or Firefox

Install the Addon in the Google Chrome Browser (click in Jira header menu "Apps --> DescTemplate!")

Step 2.- Create a new Issue in Full Screen

Create a new Issue.

NOTE: click in Jira header menu "Apps --> NewIssue!"

Step 3.- Set the Template in the Description

Set the Template in the Description ( use the buttons "Set Desc" and "Save"). You have until 3 templates to save.

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  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Only supports Google Chrome and Firefox and a plugin must be installed in the browser.

With the installation of this addon in your Google Chrome Browser, you will be able to Manage until 3 Description Templates in your JIRA Cloud instance. Very useful for repetitive tasks creation.

The description templates are stored in cookies inside the Browser. Just install and ready to use it. Plug & Play

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