Copy Page Hierarchy (Copy Space)

for Confluence Server 8.0.0 - 8.9.1, Confluence Data Center 8.0.0 - 8.9.1 and more
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Copy desired page hierarchy (page tree) to existing another Space or new Space/Copy Space

Easy selection of Page Hierarchy (as per Context)

Use Copy/Delete Page Hierarchy option on page to take action on current page hierarchy. UI will show the page hierarchy of current page and provides option to select/deselect the pages for operation.

Auto-suggestion for destination space and page

Quick and convenient way to provide target space and target page under which selected page hierarchy should be copied.

Detailed report of Copy/Delete hierarchy operation

Do not wait for copy/delete operation and continue with your work. Detailed report is mailed to user once process completes in background. In case of issue, possible reason will be mentioned in report against each page.

More details

This plugin helps users invest time in innovation by automating repetitive and operational tasks. Copy Page Hierarchy plugin could be used for following purpose

  • Copy selected page hierarchy to another existing space (Copy page attachments too)
  • Copy selected page hierarchy to new space (Copy Space) (Copies page attachments and Space permissions)
  • Delete selected page hierarchy
  • Copy Space operation control using General Configuration (allow to all users or existing space admins only)

Page hierarchy in UI is displayed as per context. i.e hierarchy of page from where user clicks the Copy/Delete Page Hierarchy option.

During page tree copy we replace previous spaceKey with new spaceKey and previous page references to new page references, so that macros or links using spaceKey as a parameter will point to the new space. In case any user is interested in custom Space wide Find & Replace, she can use our Find and Replace Utility Plugin

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