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Custom Fields with the possibility of context values, key-value style

Grant access to the management of the field

Grant access to the management of the field

Manage the field values as a regular user.

Manage the field values as a regular user.

You can use these fields in any scripts, passing the support of the directory into a beautiful editor with rights management.

Choose values, like the usual field

Choose values, like the usual field when creating and editing a task.

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Fillable fields with the ability to control the regular user.

There are 3 types of fields:

  • 1. Custom Select List
  • 2. Custom Multi Select List
  • 3. Custom Cascade Select List

You can grant the rights to edit the list of values to any employee of the company. Thus, it is possible to provide the field guides in the current state.


To each variable in the field can be assigned its own value, and can be used for example in the Groovy or Jython script (in postfunction). For example, you want to assign a responsible person to each variable, but do not want to maintain a directory in the groove script. You create a directory and transfer control to a responsible employee, thereby disclaiming responsibility for maintaining the relevance of the field.Everyone must do their job!

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