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piplanning.io supports your teams in doing collocated or distributed SAFe® PI Plannings and syncs the results with your Jira

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Better communication

No communication problems with the piplanning app thanks to real-time synchronized boards across locations. It's important that a tool doesn't prevent people from talking to each other especially in a SAFe® PI Planning.

Real-time synced with Jira

Keep the benefits of physical stickies and paper boards but without the hustle of transcribing all the handwritten physical stickies after the SAFe® PI Planning.

More transparency in distributed settings

It's hard to get everyone involved in the SAFe® PI Planning on the same page. Everyone from each location can access and view all the boards. That's very helpful to resolve dependencies between teams.

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  • You're applying the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) in your organisation
  • You want to enhance communication and collaboration in your collocated, distributed or remote PI Plannings
  • You want more transparency in distributed settings
  • It's important to you to keep the benefits of physical sticky notes and paper boards
  • You need the boards to be in sync across locations
  • You want all the planning efforts instantly synchronized with Jira
  • You're tired of tying strings to the walls and sticky notes


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The Program Backlog Board helps you to manage the top 10 features in a PI Planning.