OrgWise for Jira

for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 8.18.1, Jira Data Center 8.0.0 - 8.18.1 and more
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Clarity of display in organizational structures and sophisticated customization for business levels

Organizational Structure Synchronization

Supports importing csv file or synchronizing the user, department, and company information of open LDAP to the organizational structure, and automatically generates a hierarchical organization tree.

Select issue assignee from organization tree

Users can select issue assignee from organization structure tree.

Advanced customized reports

Custom reports can be created to track, log and display company, individual departments and branch progress.

More details

Our app expands on user structure by implementing a Hierarchy consisting of company, branch and department.

Provides CSV file import, LDAP synchronization, and RestAPI interface function module to facilitate maintenance of the organizational structure and team tree.

With one association, the individuals in the organizational structure and Jira users can see direct superiors, departments, and company details of all individuals of the issue details page.

Jira system issues can be filtered by JQL according to the organizational structure (department, company, and branch).

Add-on's custom reports allow for easy tracking of progress throughout company, departments, and branches.

Supports flexible system permissions, providing visible menu and function configuration for jira roles, project roles, and administrative roles.

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