Semver Pull Request Checker

for Bitbucket Server 5.2.0 - 6.10.17
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Enforce a Semver tag in each pull request title to facilitate auto-generation of Semver versions

Configure review approvers

Enable the plugin under the "merge checks" repository settings.

Configure how many review approvals are required for each class of Semver increment.

Enforce Semver labels

Each pull request must be prefixed with a valid Semver label or it won't be able to merge.

Enforce required review approvals

Prevent the merging of a pull request unless it has the required number of review approvals for the defined Semver increment.

More details

If you already enforce pull requests to your main branch and are following Semver to version your repository then this plugin may be of use.

Each PR title will be required start with Major, Minor, Patch or Upkeep. The latter is for changes not requiring a release, e.g. documentation or improved tests.

For each of these prefixes you can configure how many review approvals are needed to merge a PR. Often you'll want a greater number for Major breaking changes than for Patch fixes.

Once this plugin is in use you can use the sister CLI to query Bitbucket REST api and determine the next Semver version during a release. See

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