User Access Assessor for Jira

by Apwide
for Jira Server 7.1.0 - 8.0.3
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  • Jira Service Management

Review periodically access privileges of your Jira users

Ask your users if they still need access

Invite all users to confirm their access needs when they connect to Jira.

Check and process users decisions

Easily check and process thousands of Jira users decisions.

Take decision in place of Jira users who have not answered to the assessment request.

Confirm other administrators privileges.

Keep track of all decisions

Make auditors and administrators happy: keep track of all decisions taken and applied during the campaign in csv reports.

Easily extract list of users to send reminders during an active campaign.

More details

Check easily which Jira users need to keep an active account and which ones can live without it.

Make life of your Jira administrators easier, especially if you have compliancy/identity management governance constraints that enforce you to periodically verify all active Jira accounts.

This Apwide add-on will also help your company or your clients to pay only for licenses that they are really using.

User manual available here.

Enjoy !

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Ask to you Jira users if they still need access to Jira