StandBot - Slack stand-up bot for Jira

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 7.9.2 - 8.8.0 and more
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Daily asynchronous stand-up meetings in Slack that connect to Jira

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Get rich Stand-up Reports in Jira

See what everybody’s working on, what’s been completed, and if there’s any blockers.

All status updates also get posted in your Slack channel.

See What’s on your Plate in Jira

Get a quick view of all your assigned Jira tickets, so you can report what you’ve worked on and what you’ll be tackling.

Keep a record of your stand-up meetings

Stand-bot keeps your stand-up reports inside Jira, so you can track your team’s progress.

Download reports in .csv or .pdf to share them with stakeholders.

More details

This app works with the Stand-bot for Slack app which you can install for free through the Slack Directory.*

This stand-up meeting bot helps remote and distributed team run asynchronous dailies inside a Slack channel, so members of your team can send updates on what they have being doing and report blockers.

Add Stand-Bot to your Slack channel to run your daily stand-ups.

  • Invite Stand-Bot to your Slack channels and configure the time and recurrence of your stand-up.
  • Get notifications when it’s stand-up time
  • Teammates can share their status on what they’re doing, working on, and if there’s any blockers
  • Connect the bot to one or more Jira Projects so the team can report the issues you’ve been working on
  • Get an immediate report of the team’s status in Jira and inside your Slack channels.
  • Keep the history of your stand-up reports in your Jira projects.

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Invite Stand-bot to your Slack channel to configure the time, recurrence, and who’s the Scrum Master for your stand-up.