ScriptRunner for Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 7.0.6 - 8.2.5 and more
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Complete Freedom to Customise, Automate and Extend Your CI/CD Pipelines

Create and execute custom tasks in a flexible way

Easy access to the Bamboo Specs API so you can create and run tasks dynamically, by using Scriptable Tasks. For example, to trigger a Bamboo deployment project from a Staging test build.

Automate Bamboo admin chores

Schedule administrative tasks or automate Bamboo actions using simple Groovy scripts. Schedule complex tasks in off-peak hours, stop builds if a scripted condition evaluates to 'false', or run weekly clean-ups.

Fully integrate your DevOps toolchain

Integrate Bamboo with your other DevOps tools using custom REST endpoints. Receive notifications from external systems and extend the official Bamboo REST API.

More details

Go beyond what you thought possible in Bamboo with Groovy scripts.

  • Total flexibility to create and run custom tasks
  • Easy access to the Bamboo Specs API to create and execute tasks dynamically, based on parameters such as build variables or changed files - with Scriptable Tasks.
  • Streamline your builds and save resources by controlling what is built depending on condition fulfilment- with Condition Tasks
  • Automate any action by running Groovy scripts once, on schedule, or in response to an event.

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