Single Source (if-else condition) Plugin

for Confluence Server 4.3 - 6.15.10 and more
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Tangled in maintaining 2 versions of content! Use Single Source to remove your overhead

Define the condition for two versions of content

Condition is just a string. If provided string is part of the spacekey or spacename then condition will be true and all content under true tag will be displayed else content under false tag will be displayed.

Create Single Source for two versions of content

If some content is having 2 versions differing by some keywords, links or images change, save your content creation and editing effort by having single source.

Single content but two different output

Based of true/false state of condition, two different output can be displayed. Part of content could be common or may belong to one of conditions.

More details

Single source macro and Single source include macro could be used to create and reuse content. Reuse can be done even if content has two version where most parts differ in some keywords or images or links.

  • Condition can be provided based of substring of space key or space name
  • If provided substring is part of spacekey or space name content under TRUE tag will be displayed else content under FALSE tag will be displayed
  • Images, links, tables etc could be provided between tags SS_TRUE_ST and SS_TRUE_END tags or SS_FALSE_ST and SS_FALSE_END tags. Any content provided between True tags will be displayed only if condition is true and content provided between False tags will be displayed only if condition is false.

Content which is neither under TRUE tag nor under FALSE tag will be displayed wherever content is reused.

In case you have content based on various condition like different product versions, teams or product names you can evaluate Conditional MultiExcerpt plugin.

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