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Assets - Jira & Bitbucket Integration

for Jira Server 8.12.0 - 9.15.2, Jira Data Center 8.12.0 - 9.17.0 and more
  • Supported
  • Jira Service Management
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Get your Jira and Bitbucket configurations into Jira Service Management to get full control and traceability

Available for the asset and configuration management functionality in Jira Service Management. Read more here.

Import a Jira or Bitbucket environment into Jira Service Management. Get a detailed overview of how they’re configured and use this to administrate your Jira and Bitbucket environments more efficiently.

Use cases for Jira include:

  • Let users select specific Jira/Bitbucket items for change requests — no more invalid requests.
  • Find inactive projects, issue types etc to streamline your environment.
  • Compliance activities, such as finding out when a user was added or removed from a specific project

Use cases for Bitbucket include:

  • Find inactive projects, pull requests, branches, etc.
  • Alert on pull request inactivity
  • Have control over the branch permissions or any other permissions

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