Enhanced Project Properties

for Jira Server 6.4.10 - 8.20.2, Jira Data Center 6.4.10 - 8.20.2 and more
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Manage or centralize the project level or related metadata in property fields for tracking and automation

Refer Quick Documentation for more details

  • Provides REST API / Groovy / Python examples to manage or centralize the project related metadata in property fields for tracking and automation's e.g. project.creation.date
  • Project Level Attributes


  • Provides CLI / Groovy / Python / REST API to fetch and store properties
  • Provides Option to Clone/Move properties from another project
  • Provides Project Permissions to control view/manage properties
  • Supports Wiki markup
  • Provides Security Mask and Multi-line text field Options
  • Provides JQL Functions
    • project in projectPropertiesSearch("")
    • project in projectPropertyKey("")
    • project in projectPropertyKeyValue("", "")
    • project in projectPropertyValue("")
    • issue in projectPropertiesIssueSearch("")
  • Provides Workflow Conditions
    • Project Property Key and Value Check
    • Project Property Key If exists
  • Provides Workflow Validator: Project Property Key Value Validator
  • Provides Workflow Post functions
    • Update existing Property
    • Add New Property

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