mO Jira OAuth SSO, Jira OpenID Connect SSO, Jira OIDC SSO

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 8.6.0 - 9.11.3, Jira Data Center 8.6.0 - 9.11.3 and more
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Jira Authentication for Data Center, Cloud with OAuth/OIDC Login- Keycloak, Azure AD, Google Apps, AWS Cognito, ADFS, Okta, GitHub

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Setup JIRA OAuth/OpenID Single Sign-On Data Center

Secure Jira & Jira Service management with OAuth/OpenID connect SSO

Authentication with any OAuth/OpenID provider

Setup SSO with providers- Google Apps, Okta, GitHub, Azure B2C, Keycloak, Gluu Server & external directory

Essential SSO Feature that built-in SSO misses out

Flexible Just in time User/Group Provisioning

Single Logout & Signature Validation for OpenID

Enforce OAuth/OIDC SSO Login for all users

Domain-based restriction

On-demand Single sign-on(SSO) Data Center feature support

Advanced Connectors for Atlassian SSO Modules

SCIM User Provisioning- User Sync, Group Sync & Directory Sync

Bulk User Management- User Auto Activate & Deactivate

API Token/OAuth Authentication - Secure authenticating using API Key/Token

Two Factor Authentication

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Jira OAuth/OpenID SSO plugin supports Login for Jira Service Management and Data Center.

All OAuth/OpenID Providers are supported including Google Apps, GitHub, GitLab, Facebook, Linkedin, ADFS, Okta, Salesforce, Azure AD, AWS Cognito, Slack, Discord, Gluu Server, Meetup, Keycloak & Custom OAuth/OIDC provider.


  • Supports login and on-the-fly user creation, just in time user provisioning
  • Supports Multiple providers
  • Map user profile and group information from provider
  • Restrict user SSO with domains
  • OpenID Single Logout
  • Custom Redirect After Login
  • User Group Mapping
  • Enforce SSO for Specific Jira Service Management Portal
  • Assign default role to auto-created users
  • Force Authentication with providers
  • Customizable templates for Login and Logout page
  • Restore and backup settings
  • SCIM User Provisioning (User Sync)
  • Bulk User Management
  • API Token Authentication

Contact us for free installation of any OAuth/OpenID Provider.

OAuth Client is also available for Confluence, Bitbucket, and Bamboo

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Support for almost all the OAuth/OpenID providers