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Simplify task management with bulk clone & move of Epic with child issues and sub-tasks. Transparent editing before cloning

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Be more efficient with routine activities

Clone existing issues to expedite the process of creating new items.

Duplicate your Epic along with Stories, Tasks, etc., with or without sub-tasks, with just one click.

The hierarchy of issues will be maintained.

Clone smartly - quality count

Before creating new issues, edit any field for content adjustment, retaining full control.

Deselect unnecessary issues and sub-tasks to exclude from cloning.

Choose the destination—specified or original project.

Template concept

For recurring issues, it's worth creating templates — Epic + child issues with generic content marked as a template.

With sets of generic issues, replication to the backlog becomes easy.

More details

Template (Epic) Cloner is the fastest way to create production tasks based on existing templates.

Template (Epic) Cloner for Jira allows to:

  • Create a template based on Epic, Issues in Epic and sub-tasks
  • Mark issues as a template
  • Clone Epic, Issues in Epic and sub-tasks at the same time
  • Keep links between new cloned issues
  • Edit Epic details before cloning:
    • Epic name
    • Summary
    • Due date
    • Assignee
    • Description
    • Fix Version/s
  • Select target project for cloned issues
  • Select Issues in Epic which should be cloned
  • In Epic and Epic Issues select which sub-tasks should be cloned
  • Edit Epic issues fields – all standard Jira fields and created standard custom fields can be edited in multiple ways :
    • Single edit
    • All issues at once edit
  • Decide what should be copied:
    • Sub-tasks
    • Attachments
    • Comments
    • Watchers
    • Issue Links
  • Create dashboards and filters with templates only

If you want to clone any issue (any issue type) with linked issues check Advanced Template Cloner for Jira

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