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Enhancement tools for Jira

Multi person parallel approval

Multi person parallel approval Show the change chain of the assignee or statuspostfunction list

Multi person parallel approval,in one status ,servial person can deal with it regardless of order

Show the change chain of the assignee or status

Show the change chain of the assignee or status in activity of Issue view page .You can clearly see the status or the assignee changed log and theduration in a status or dealed with by assignee

function list

you can choose the validation,condition or postfunction to control you workflow as you will

More details

        • post funcion
          • add the current user to a given customfield(single users) of issue
          • add the issue assignee to a given field(single user) of this issue
          • assignee this issue to the previous assignee
          • make the assigneer of this issue to watch this issue
          • make the user of the given customfield(single user) in issue to become the assignee of issue
          • make the user(s) of the customfield(user) to watch this issue
          • remove current user from the a customfield(multiple users)
          • change issue status by transition other issue
        • validator
          • a given customfield can not be empty
          • true when the all subtasks have resovled,or false
          • true when the associated issue types and states are same as settings,or false
          • true when the subtasks has one resovled,or false
        • condition
          • hide if only have one value,or show according to a given customfield(multiple)
          • show if no value,or hide according to a given customfield(multiple)
          • show if only has one value,or hide according

        more function list

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