Conditional Multiexcerpt

for Confluence Server 7.0.1 - 8.7.2, Confluence Data Center 7.0.1 - 8.7.2 and more
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Tired of creating and maintaining same or similar content at different places! Use single source for slight different content too

Define your Condition criteria

Condition Keyword is just a logical group name for a category. ConditionalMultiexcerpt will display same content for same category or group. Conditional tag is formed using group name. eg KEY_wild_ST content KEY_wild_END

Reuse the same excerpt to show different content

Same excerpt could be used at different locations and will show the content written for category or group defined in conditional keyword section. SpaceKey is one of the default category for content specific to a space.

Boost your productivity

Increase your productivity by writing common content at one place only. Even if slightly different version is required at other places, use Conditional Multiexcerpt to avoid duplicate effort.

More details

Conditional Multiexcerpt is advanced form of Confluence Excerpt macro. It allows to create single source of content and reuse it at different places. It can be used for following purposes -

  • Creating single source of content to reuse
  • Same source can display content based on condition like based on space, product name, product version, team name etc
  • Flexibility to define condition like based on product name, product version, confluence space, department etc
  • Condition could be wrapped around text, images, links etc
  • Variables could be used and defined specific to space where common content is used

Main idea behind this plugin is to save time to maintain same or slightly different version of content. So maintaining common source at one place and reusing it at different place even if it differ on basis of maybe product name or version will help boosting your productivity. Variables could also be used which avoids editing at multiple place in case product name or version changes.

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