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for Confluence Cloud, Confluence Server 6.12.0 - 7.20.2, Confluence Data Center 6.12.0 - 7.20.2 and more
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Manage Confluence documents and documentation – Control versions, track changes and manage your content development workflow

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Save, compare, and track versions

Set milestones and track changes by managing multiple versions of your documents and documentation. Compare versions side-by-side and see a full scope of changes, updates and comments made to your pages over time.

Manage documents and control workflows

Control document access via enhanced restrictions, set and track workflow statuses to manage the approval and release process, and send and record read confirmations to keep your team in the know.

Publish documents to multiple channels

Integrations enable multi-channel publishing to formats such as PDF, Word, or a custom online help center. Customizable templates and themes help you deliver content that fits to your brand – no coding necessary.

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Scroll Documents brings advanced version management and change tracking to your Confluence documents and documentation.

Define multiple Confluence pages or page trees as a single document and manage them together as one unit. Key features:

  • Versioning: Save and manage multiple versions within a single Confluence space.
  • Track Changes: Compare versions side-by-side to visually see what's changed between releases. Track changes via an interactive activity log to see an overview of status changes, page updates, comments, and more.
  • Content Reuse: Assemble documents from existing pages anywhere in your instance. Include or copy existing content for easy reuse.
  • Publishing: Integrations with Scroll PDF and Word Exporter to produce custom-styled exports, and Scroll Viewport to publish versioned documentation to a Confluence Cloud help center.
  • Variant management with Variants for Scroll Documents.
  • Translation management with Translations for Scroll Documents.

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Integration Details

Scroll Documents for Confluence integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • View email addresses of users
  • Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline
  • Delete data from the host application
  • Write data to the host application


Scroll PDF and Word Exporter users can take advantage of an integration that allows you to export documents with the custom templates created in these apps to produce professionally-styled documents.