Outlook Calendars for Confluence

for Confluence Cloud, Confluence Server 7.3.0 - 8.9.3, Confluence Data Center 7.3.0 - 8.9.3 and more
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Add the power of Microsoft 365 calendars to Confluence – full-scale team calendaring with Outlook and Teams including Jira dates

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Outlook and Teams calendars in Confluence

Use Outlook and Microsoft Teams calendars as a fast and secure way to work with calendars in Confluence. Benefit from real-time data from Microsoft 365, no sync is needed. Add new project meetings directly in Confluence.

Choose different templates and view options

Different calendar layouts fit to your use case on Confluence spaces or pages. Simply use the templates that provide default settings. Choose who can see or edit the team calendars in Confluence.

Work with your Jira dates in Confluence

Connect your Outlook Calendars in Confluence with Jira for insights into project progress. View all your releases at once, or any single custom date field. View detailed information with a click.

More details

Use Outlook calendars as a secure, accurate and seamless way to work with calendars in Confluence - find a great alternative to "Team Calendars" for Confluence Premium.

Main Features:

  • Add Outlook or Microsoft Teams calendars to Confluence pages or spaces
  • Show and edit personal or shared Outlook calendars in Confluence
  • Schedule Outlook & Teams meetings in Confluence
  • Visualize and edit Jira dates
  • Real-time data from Microsoft 365
  • Simple permission management
  • Choose between different templates and view options


  • Get a complete overview of all relevant dates in Confluence
  • Improve and centralize your project management (more use cases)


  • Confluence Server
  • Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Not compatible with Microsoft Exchange!

yasoon is Platinum Marketplace Partner from Germany. We are technical experts for Atlassian and Microsoft products with more than 8.000 satisfied customers.

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yasoon is Platinum Marketplace Partner from Germany. Our ISO 27001 certification ensures the security and privacy of your digital assets. We're technical experts for Atlassian's and Microsoft's ecosystems.

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