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Store your Space and Page Attachments in Amazon S3, and gain unlimited storage

Space & Page Level Files

Store files with pages, or share files with the whole team using space level files. Upload files of any size and use folders to get organized. Perfect for storing requirements, mockups, and other documentation.

Add S3 Content into a Page

Use custom macros to link to files within your bucket, embed an image in a page, or allow users of a page to browse your S3 content with a custom S3 browser macro. Great for sharing files with users directly on a page.

Use your own S3 Bucket

Simple Cloud Files utilizes the S3 buckets you provide. Spaces can share a single bucket or your can provide separate buckets for each space. If you ever stop using Confluence, your files will still be in your bucket.

More details

Atlassian Cloud limits you to 25GB storage for your entire account. Break out of those limits with Simple Cloud Files for Confluence.

Connect your Confluence Cloud instance to an Amazon S3 Bucket, and instantly upgrade to unlimited storage. (Subject to Amazon S3 Pricing of course).

Share a single S3 bucket across all your spaces, or define buckets on a per-space basis.

Simple Cloud Files allows you to store files on a space level, as well as page level, and organize your files into folders however you see fit.

Built in permissions allow you to define the groups allowed to upload, delete, rename, or move files in each space.

Custom content macros allow you to embed images from S3 in your pages, or link to files and show them inline or as a bulleted list. You can also embed a full S3 browser directly in your pages to share files with your users, or allow them to upload content directly to a folder of your choice.

If you use Jira Cloud, check Simple Cloud Files for Jira.

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Integration Details

Simple Cloud Files Confluence integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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