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Organize Spaces by creating hierarchy of spaces (Space -> Subspace), Scoped Search and breadcrumbs adds ease of search, navigation

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Define your Hierarchy as per team, product etc

Use Space Admin->Hivestone->Set parent space to provide spacekey of parent space. This parent child relationship can be used to define multilevel space hierarchy. Rest api is also provided to facilitate automation.

Scoped Search and Space Tree for neat organization

Use 'Space Hierarchy' macro to see the hierarchy structure of any of given space. Scoped search facility under full hierarchy or any branch of choice, integrated in Confluence native search UI.

Use Breadcrumbs for easy Navigation

Include {hivestonebreadcrumb} macro at header of pages (General Configuration->Look and Feel, header or Configure Theme) and use it for easy navigation between space of current Space Hierarchy.

More details

Space Hierarchy & Breadcrumbs plugin helps in organizing spaces as per teams or products. Breadcrumbs eases out navigation between spaces of hierarchy. Scoped search helps in finding content in specific hierarchy.

For hierarchy creation we just need to set parent space by providing spacekey under Space Admin-> Hivestone configuration. Multilevel hierarchy could be created as per need. Once hierarchy is set we just need to use 'Space Hierarchy' macro to display the hierarchy. Using this macro at Home page of landing Space of a group makes life easy for each member of group for content access and navigation.

Breadcrumb is automatically generated as per hierarchy. To display the breadcrumbs at top of each page just go to 'General Configuration-> Look and Feel' section. Under this section go to 'Sidebar, header and footer' or 'Themes' if any theme is applied globally. In Header part just put text '{hivestonebreadcrumb}' to include this macro at header of each page.

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