Qron Calc Macro - Excel formula in table

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It empowers tables to function like spreadsheets, granting the capability to utilize Excel functions(sum, average,...) seamlessly

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Calculation based on Excel formula

Embedded in standard Confluence table.

Just enter the Excel formula.

Give Excel formatting directives your cells. (###.#)

Import your Excel sheets

You can import Excel sheets contains formulas.

More details

Have you ever wanted if you could execute a simple calculation on the Confluence table?

This addon provides macros which give calculation power as a spreadsheet to Confluence table.

Only to add the macro which written sum function to your existing table will release you from typing a calculator.


  • More than 300 formulas
  • Format specifications similar to Excel
  • Sheet reference between sheets on a page
  • A quick edit and displaying sheet/row/column tags on the view screen
  • Import Excel sheets (beta)



The cloud version is here.

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Sheet/Row/Column tags in Quick Edit