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Quickly manage test cases from Test Collab, assign test executions, maintain Many-to-Many relationship Jira

Get existing test cases linked with issues in Jira

Do you already have test cases in Test Collab that you want to link with issue in Jira? Its just a click away. You can link as many test cases as you want with an issue and manage them right here in Jira.

Manage all your test case from within Jira

You don't have to switch between applications to add, edit or delete test cases in Test Collab. Use intuitive interface within Jira. Moreover, there is no limit on number of test cases that can be added from Jira.

Assign test cases to testers for execution

Select and assign as many test cases as you want to one or more testers that you have on your Test Collab project.

More details

Is your QA and dev team in sync? Can you easily delegate testing tasks to your QA team in just a few clicks? Can your developers easily document different test cases?

If you answered no to any of those question, you can greatly benefit from this plugin.

  • Add new test cases and link them with Jira issues
  • Linking already existing test cases from your Test Collab DB to any Jira issue
  • See full details of test case with history, versions and last run statuses
  • Assign test cases to your QA team for execution

This plugin requires an account with Test Collab. You can also signup for free trial to evaluate.

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